Total Regression! - 2007 - Split

Origin : Poland (Bytom)
Genre : Blackened Death Metal

Revelation of Doom
Origin : Poland (Warszawa)
Genre : Death Metal


1.Exhibition of Abomination03:46
2.Full Enlightenment02:00
3.Tormentor (Destruction Cover)04:12
4.We Are Satan's Generation (Impaled Nazarene Cover)02:16
5.Execute Them All (Unleashed Cover)03:55
6.Darkness (Morgoth Cover)01:49

Revelation of Doom

7.Sodomizing The Trinity03:41
8.Holy Grail, Holy Flesh03:26
9.The Third of The Storms (Hellhammer Cover)03:23
10.Need To Live (Terrorizer Cover)01:11
11.Witching Metal (Sodom Cover)02:50
12.Unholy Existence (Pandemonium Cover)04:04
13.Gods of War (Blasphemy Cover)00:24
Total playing time37:06

Total Regression!

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