Pyre - 2003 - Murder. Satan. Holocaust.

Origin :Germany

Genre :Black Metal

1.Hidden in time03:46
2.Dreaming of the ancient circle02:13
3.We are the underground - Spiritually03:26
4.Murder. Satan. Holocaust.03:24
5.Hail to the morbid apocalypse03:21
6.Thrashers of the holy spirit03:28
7.Shadowmessiah - Cold as the face of Pluto02:04
8.Totem - Asteroids from planet Satan02:42
Total playing time24:24

Murder. Satan. Holocaust.


Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Battles, Satanism, Victory

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

que seria un blog si no se tuviese material de esta genial banda de verdadero black metal. para todos los conocedores del buen black metal aca este estupendo disco.

ARKHA SVA (Gloria Satanae)

Genre: Black Metal

Lyrical Theme (S): Satanism

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

aca algo para los que les gusta Tyrant (Japón) estos weyes le estan dando casi igual.

GAAHLSKAGG (Erotic Funeral)

Genre:Black Metal

Lyrical Theme(s): satanism, perversity, sex, graves

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

RIFT (Eyes of the Basilisk)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Satanism/Luciferianism, Lycanthropy, Mysticism

Eyes of the Basilisk


Zavorash - 2006 - Nihilistic Ascension & Spiritual Death

Origin : Swden (Stockholm)

Genre : Black/Death Metal

1.The Legion of Vengeance04:25
2.Never Blame Her05:09
3.Isolation Icon and the Blackguard05:53
4.Själslig slutsats03:42
6.Virtuous Hatred03:29
7.World Dominion05:48
8.The Conjuration of the Dead God05:16
9.Truth & Consequence08:29
Total playing time44:35

Nihilistic Ascension & Spiritual Death

Vlad Tepes - 1996 - Dans Notre Chute

Origin : France (Brest)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Raven's Hike03:37
2.Abyssic and Funeral Symphony03:42
3.In Holocaust to the Natural Darkness02:56
4.Tepes - The Unweeping07:49
5.Nos Terribles Pensees04:26
6.Our Soul's Worries03:52
Total playing time26:22

Dans Notre Chute

Gelal's Dark Cult - 2005 - Armed Forces ov Hell

Origin : Chile (La Serena)

Genre :Black Metal

1.Intro: Birth ov thy Immortal Dark Son02:00
3.Satan's Court and his Unholy Demons18:24
4.Crimson Towers (dissection's cover)04:09
5.Fuck Virgin Mary with Pride02:09
Total playing time14:42

Armed Forces ov Hell

Ampütator - 2007 - Deathcult Barbaric Hell

Origin : U.S.A.(Rhode Island / Connecticut)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Rape, Kill, Annihilate03:51
3.Sarin Death Vengeance03:13
5.Massacre Bloodhate03:49
6.Slaughter of The Innocent (Repulsion cover)01:17
7.With Hate03:23
8.Extinction Deathmarch03:29
9.Complete Butchery04:00
10.Feasting On Vermin03:57
11.Creed of Persecution04:34
Total playing time38:44

Deathcult Barbaric Hell

M8L8TH - 2004 - By the Wing of Black

Origin : Russia (Tver')

Genre : NS Black Metal

2.By the Fallen Leaves02:56
3.Scent of Blood03:20
4.The One Inspiring With Fear03:59
5.Under the Falling Star03:23
7.Beyond the Twilights05:11
8.By the Wings of Black06:34
9.Scent of Blood04:41
10.By the Wing of Black04:23
11.Sons of Russland03:36
12.Under the Falling star01:46
13.The One Inspiring With Fear03:55
14.Guardian of the Forest01:40
Total playing time51:56

By the Wing of Black

Triste - 2007 - Audial Suicide

Origin : U.S.A. (California)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Metal

Total playing time28:59

Audial Suicide

Kyla - 2005 - Kyla

Origin :Sweden (Jönköping)

Genre :Black Metal

1.Into The Depths08:15
Total playing time18:43


Goatmoon - 2004 - Death Before Dishonour

Origin : Finland(Lappeenranta)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Blackmetal Winter03:17
2.Pure blood02:55
4.Forest of Misanthropy02:43
5.In the Cursing Embrace02:56
6.Light Will Not Be03:29
8.Rite of God Deny02:26
9.Humanhate Grows Strong Within04:13
10.Aryan Evil02:52
12.Death Before Dishonour03:32
13.Kunnia, Armageddon!03:06
Total playing time40:18

Death Before Dishonour

Lifeless Within - 2007 - Demise and Voyage of the Deceased

Origin : Chile (La Serena)

Genre : Raw Black Metal

2.Into the Nothingness
3.Renacer Muerto
4.Crawling Chains of Slavery

Demise and Voyage of the Deceased

Triste - 2006 - V

Origin : U.S.A. Atmospheric Black Metal

Genre : (California)

1.The Black Tide of Nausea12:57
2.Threnody of Wind15:04
Total playing time28:01


Triste - Demo October 2006

Origin : U.S.A. (California)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Metal

1.Dissonant Mourning02:30
3.Death's Hammer (Judas Iscariot cover)04:53
4.Colourless Skyline05:54
5.Oppressive Remorse07:39
6.Restricted Nihility04:34
7.Dissonant Mourning (Reprise)02:30
Total playing time35:37

Demo October 2006

BLEAK (Austere)

Genre: Ambient/Black Metal

Lyrical Theme (S): Nature, Depression, Misanthropy...

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

ZYKLON - (AEON) -2003-

  1. Psyklon aeon
  2. core solution
  3. subtle manipulation
  4. two thousand years
  5. no name above the names
  6. the prophetic method
  7. specimen eruption
  8. electric current
  9. an ecletic manner

Aryan Blood / Evil

Aryan Blood / Evil
(Limitado a 500 copias)

Aryan Blood
1.Ancient Empire(05:40)
2.A Southern War From The Winter's March(04:27)


MARDUK (Dark Endless)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (S): Anti-Christian, Death, Satan, War

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

aca les dejo el que seria el primer disco de esta genial banda.

Kult Ov Azazel - Oculus Infernum -2003-

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Satanism

Grausamkeit - 2000 - Seelenschwund

Origin : Germany (Bischimsheim)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Barbaric Rebellion Pt II04:05
3.Waiting for Death03:08
Total playing time11:23


Pogrom 1147 - 2003 - Blind Fury

Origin : Poland (Szczecin)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Blind Fury (Of Satan)11:47
Total playing time11:47

Blind Fury

Mortiturus - 2007 - Destructive Visions

Origin : Poland(Kutno)

Genre : Black Metal

2.Destructive Visions05:43
3.Black Lakes of Hypocrisy05:18
4.Dark Soul Eclypse04:17
5.The call from the other side03:34
6.Forgotten Gods04:09
7.They still await...04:36
8.Spell of Destruction (Burzum Cover)04:32
9.A New War Rising04:11
10.Away from the light04:41
Total playing time42:47

Destructive Visions(nuevo link)

Ampütator - 2005 - Ampütator

Origin : U.S.A. (Rhode Island / Connecticut)

Genre : Black Metal

1.With Hate03:48
2.Nuclear Fucking Deathcult03:45
3.Mass Grave Contagion03:20
4.Gorefucked Blasphemy02:07
5.Furnace Sacrament04:28
Total playing time17:28



Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Anti-Judeo-Christianity, Bible Mockery, Satanism

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

bn, eh vuelto de una larga ausencia, pero ya estoy otra vez haciendo mis aportes, espero y les gusten tanto como a mi..

KAMPFAR (Mellom Skogkledde Aaser)

Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Viking Mythology

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol. I

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol. IPart 1

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol. IPart 2

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol II

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol II Part 1

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol II Part 2

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol III

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol III

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol IV

A Tribute to Count Grishnack Vol IV

Dawn of Division - 2003 - Outrage of Desolation

Origin : Greece (Ioannina)

Genre : Majestic Black Metal

1.Is there anybody out there ? ( Pink Floyd cover)02:29
2.Fall of the Kingdom (Pt I)05:16
3.Fall of the Kingdom (Pt II)06:20
Total playing time14:13

Outrage of Desolation

Horna / Peste Noire - 2007 - Splt

Origin : Finland (Lappeenranta)
Genre : Black Metal

Peste Noire
Origin : France (Avignon, Vaucluse)
Genre : Black Metal


Peste Noire
2.Paysage Mauvais05:01
Total playing time10:34

Horna / Peste Noire

Lead Yourself to Failure - 2005 - Split

Origin : Sweden (Jönköping)
Genre : Black Metal

Origin : Sweden (Östersund)
Genre : Black Metal


2.Ur Ångest Född22:39


3.Chambers of Rape and Ruin04:23
Total playing time45:11

Lead Yourself to Failure

Pass/Contraseña: vampiresgoth

Hatepulse - 2007 - Core of the Soulless

Origin : Norway (Klepp)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Pur Negativ Energi07:41
2.Impostor's Decay03:40
3.Breaking Out of HELL05:17
4.Deceived By Light06:04
5.A Colder Kind of DEATH04:25
6.Four Times DEATH in perspective08:49
Total playing time35:56

Core of the Soulless

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