Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): War, Anti-Christian

aca algo para un amigo de Monterrey que le sirva para completar su discografia.

Peste Noire - 2007 - Mors Orbis Terrarum[Best of/Compilation]

Origin :France (Avignon, Vaucluse)

Genre :Black Metal

Disc 1
1.Royaume D'Occident03:06
2.Les Camps De La Mort02:23
3.Gisant Dans La Putréfaction03:05
4.Aryan Supremacy03:03
5.Gisant Dans La Putréfaction03:46
6.Aryan Supremacy04:16
7.Retour de Flamme04:29
9.Le Mort Joyeux05:20
10.666 Millions D'Esclaves Et De Déchets07:34
12.J'ÉJaculerai Sur Vos Décombres Fumants06:09
13.Extraits des Chants de Maldoror02:36
Disc 2
2.Phalènes et Pestilence - Salvatrice Averse09:02
4.Dueil Angoisseus10:57
5.Phalènes et Pestilence - Salvatrice Averse20:10
6.L'hymne en l'honneur de la peste07:15
Total playing time01:47:23

Mors Orbis Terrarum Disc 1

Mors Orbis Terrarum Disc 2

...Aaaarrghh... - 1997 - ...aaaarrghh...

Origin : Turkey(Ankara)

Genre : Raw Black Metal

1.Gecenin Gölgesi (Gecenin Golgesi)03:28
2.Son Þafak (Son Safak)04:54
3.Fýrtýna Yaklaþýyor... (Firtina Yaklasiyor)03:03
4.Ebedi Buzulun Ortasýnda (Ebedi Buzulun Ortasinda)04:22
5.Lanetli Diyarlar03:50
Total playing time18:29


Xasthur/Angra Mainyu - 2004 - Split

Origin : U.S.A. (Alhambra, California)
Genre : Black Metal

Angra Mainyu
Origin : Germany
Genre : Black Metal

1.A Sermon in the Name of Death (Xasthur)04:14
2.Soul Abduction Ceremony (Xasthur)08:06
3.The Funeral of Being (Xasthur)03:13
4.Ort der Ensamkeit (Xasthur)12:43
5.Zeitlos (Angra Mainyu)01:53
6.Der Drang zur Resignation (Angra Mainyu)04:01
7.To Conjure Up the Blackest of Nights (Angra Mainyu)03:36
8.They Bleed to Death (Angra Mainyu)05:14
9.The Light of Those Who Failed (Angra Mainyu)06:49
10.Gedanken... (Angra Mainyu)01:50
Total playing time51:39

Xasthur/Angra Mainyu

Thunderbolt - 2004 - Inhuman Ritual Massmurder

Origin : Finland(Glogów)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Intro/Inhuman Ritual Massmurder05:13
2.Chaos Reigns Over Megiddo04:45
3.Ashes To Ashes...Death To All04:58
4.Funeral of The Ancient Spirit03:28
5.May The Dead Rise And Smell The Incense05:52
6.Everlasting Infernal Puissance03:57
7.Impious Bewitchments of Aberration04:15
9.Diabolic Revelation04:36
10.Warmageddon (Genocide Cult)03:32
Total playing time43:29

Inhuman Ritual Massmurder

Nocturnal Depression / Funeral RIP - 2006 - Split

Nocturnal Depression
Origin : France(Paris)
Genre : Black Metal

Funeral RIP
Origin : France(Paris)
Genre : Black Metal

1.Solitude (Nocturnal Depression)03:54
2.Self-Mutilation (Anthem To Blades)(Nocturnal Depression)05:25
3.Fuck Off Parisian Black Metal Scene(Nocturnal Depression)05:42
4.The Crying Wolf(Nocturnal Depression)05:08
5.Intro ''Beer Of Black Metal''(Funeral RIP)02:39
6.Holocauste(Funeral RIP)04:27
7.Enfer Noir(Funeral RIP)01:51
8.Destruction(Funeral RIP)03:36
9.Mystere Nocturne(Funeral RIP)05:24
10.Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone)(Funeral RIP)06:00
11.Outro ''End Of Beer Of Black Metal''(Funeral RIP)00:20
Total playing time44:20

Nocturnal Depression / Funeral RIP

Horna - 2007 - Pimeyden Hehku

Origin :Finland (Lappeenranta)

Genre :Black Metal

2.Avain Tuhossani04:41
3.Kirotun Käden Kosketus04:14
4.Verisellä Ovella05:38
Total playing time20:06

Pimeyden Hehku

Leviathan ~ tentacles of whorror

Origen: Argentina

Estilo: Heavy Metal

Link descarga:


1. What Fresh Hell
2. Heir To The Noose Of Ghoul
3. Cut, With The Night, Into Mine Heart
4. A Bouquet Of Blood For Skull
5. Deciphering Legend Within The Serpent's Briar
6. A Necessary Mutilation
7. Vexed And Vomit Hexed
8. Tentacles Of Whorror (Revel The Tyrant)
9. Requiem For A Turd World
10. Blood Red AndTrue Part 3(Plummeting Obscurity)
11. Mouth Orifice Bizarre
12. History Of Rape, The

Corpus Christii - 2007 - Rising

Origin : Portugal (Lisboa)

Genre : Black Metal

3.Blank Code04:05
4.Black Gleam Eye04:24
5.The Wanderer06:10
6.Torrents of Sorrow05:49
7.Void Revelation05:05
8.Evasive Contempt03:58
9.Heavenless Bliss06:05
10.Untouchable Euphoria03:21
11.Bleak Existence04:19
12.Revealed Wounds06:31
Total playing time57:44


INQUISITION (Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Occultism, Satanism, Rituals

Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer
Pass: vampiresgoth

DESASTER (666 Satans Soldiers Syndicate)

Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Hate, War, Satanism

Pass: vampiresgoth

EVOL (The Saga Of The Horned King)

Genre: Atmospheric Medieval/Folk Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Medieval times, philosophy, H.P. Lovecraft.

Xasthur - Rehearsal '97

Origin : U.S.A. (Alhambra, California)

Genre : Black Metal

Todos creen que el primer trabajo de xasthur es un split con orosius en el 99 , pero
fue en el 97 que hicieron su primer trabajo , a ver si encuentras esto en otro blog

Rehearsal '97

Vociferous & Machiavellian Hate - 1994

compilacion de cuatro bandas raras

Vociferous & Machiavellian Hate

Xasthur - 2004 - To Violate the Oblivious

Origin : U.S.A. (Alhambra, California)

Genre :Black Metal

2.Xastur Within06:14
3.Dreams Blacker than Death05:24
4.Screaming at Forgotten Fears08:24
5.Consumed by a Dark Paranoia03:40
6.Marked by Shadows06:43
7.Apparitional Void of Failure04:37
8.A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors12:06
9.Walker of Dissonant Worlds05:40
Total playing time52:54

To Violate the Oblivious

FINNTROLL ---- UR JORDENS DJUP (2007) by torisdeath


Bethlehem ~ Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt

Estilo:Dark Metal, Black/Doom

¡Del compañero Abbath- Arg, que ojalá vuelva pronto!
¡9 canciones! ¡Disfruten!

INQUISITION (Nefarious Dismal Orations)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Occultism, Satanism, Rituals

Ancient ~ The.Halls.Of.Eternity (1999)


Link descarga:

1. Cast Into The Unfathomed Deeps 1:56
2. Born In Flames 3:59
3. The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors 5:24
4. A Woeful Summoning 7:01
5. Cosmic Exile 4:29
6. Spiritual Supremacy 5:12
7. The Heritage 8:12
8. I, Madman 6:04
9. From Behind Comes The Sword 4:46
10. The Halls Of Eternity 9:38
11. Arrival 4:49
total time 61:30

The Halls of Eternity~~~~~( letra de la cancion que da nombre al disco)

The adamant gate behind me, has now been closed
A crack that has pulverized my mind "What are you doing here in this world of dismay?"
Ancient decadence and sadness fill my ravaged mindAs I
hear echoes of woe from centuries of dolor
Towards the blinding light from the nucleus I get drawnAs deafening cries of demons and angels burn my ears
The eyes that stare at me feel like needles in my brain
My blood is freezing by the sight of the fiery spectre
"I am the one who feeds on human calamities
Thousands of mortals suffer my power in this realm
Your presence has been desired for hundreds of years
Now that you have entered hereYOU'LL NEVER RETURN!!!"
And as I wake up from the tranceI find myself inside an enormous odorous hall
Out here are all the horrors and beautiesUnknown to the mortal world
Out here in this forgotten worldAll life seems to be condemned
Could anybody hear my screams of eternal pain?
I have drowned into a neverending world of trepidation
My mind is obscured by the darkest skies and fears
"Your soul is mine!"Scrutinized, victimized,hypnotized and paralyzed
By an infernal creature reigning
On thrones of torture and pain
Eternal enslavement I can't endure
Please let me die!But in this world such wishesAre not even heard
"Your soul is mine!Your soul is mine!
You are trapped in my world
Your soul is forever mine!"

Xasthur - 2004 - Telepathic With The Deceased

Origin : U.S.A. (Alhambra, California)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Entrance into Nothingness03:50
2.Slaughtered Useless Beings in a Nihilistic Dream04:49
3.Abysmal Depths are Flooded06:51
4.May Your Void Become as Deep as My Hate!03:27
5.Telepathic with the Deceased09:43
6.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness07:42
7.Cursed Revelations05:39
8.Drown into Eternal Twilight03:00
9.Murdered Echoes of the Mind10:03
Total playing time57:37

Telepathic With The Deceased

Xasthur / Acid Enema - 2002- Split

Origin : U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)
Genre : black metal

Acid Enema
Origin : U.S.A.(las vegas)
Genre : black metal

1.Doomed By Howling Winds (Xasthur)10:25
2.The Eye Upon the Throne (Xasthur)04:49
3.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness (Xasthur)06:30
4.Summon the End of Time (Xasthur)05:13
5.Desolate World (Acid Enema)01:21
6.Holocaust Reborn (Acid Enema)06:11
7.The Next Plane of Existence (Acid Enema)03:08
8.My Dying Breath (Acid Enema)05:06
9.Transcending (Acid Enema)06:10
Total playing time48:57

Xasthur / Acid Enema

Nachtmystium/Xasthur - 2004

Origin : U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)
Genre : Black Metal

Origin : U.S.A.(Wheaton, Illinois)
Genre : Black Metal (early) - Experimental/Psychedelic Metal (now)

1.Desolation (Nachtmystium)04:44
2.Outro (Nachtmystium)02:34
3.Intro (Xasthur)00:43
4.Spell Within The Wind (Xasthur)06:03
Total playing time13:27


Darkthrone - 2007 - F.O.A.D.

Origin : Norway(Kolbotn)

Genre : Black Metal

1.These Shores Are Damned05:04
2.Canadian Metal04:44
3.The Church of Real Metal04:37
4.The Banners of Old04:40
5.Fuck Off and Die03:52
6.Splitkein Fever04:45
7.Raised on Rock03:27
8.Pervertor of the 7 Gates04:25
9.Wisdom of the Dead04:43
Total playing time40:17

Para de buscarlo, aquí esta, F.O.A.D. , uno de los discos mas esperados de este año



Orosius / Xasthur - 1999 - Split

Origin : U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)
Genre : Black Metal

Origin : U.S.A.(California)
Genre: Black Metal

1.No Title(Orosius)03:48
2.Suffering Eternal(Orosius)04:04
3.Kingdom Of Burning Crucifixions('99)(Xasthur)03:07
4.Dwelling Beneath The Woods Of Evil('99)(Xasthur)03:23
5.Kingdom Of Burning Crucifixions('99 Rehearsal, Different Version)(Xasthur)03:58
6.(The Birth Of) Storms Of Red Revenge(Rehearsal, Unfinished)(Xasthur)04:06
Total playing time22:26

Orosius / Xasthur

Xasthur - 2003 - The Funeral of Being

Origin : U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)

Genre :Black Metal

1.The Awakening To The Unknown Perception Of Evil07:12
2.Tyrant Of Nightmares06:47
4.Sigils Made Of Flesh And Trees05:18
5.Blood From The Roots Of The Forest Part II01:32
6.Blood From The Roots Of The Forest Part I08:50
8.Bleak Necrotic Paleness02:29
9.Reflecting Hateful Energy07:55
10.Tyrant Of Nightmares (Darkened Winter Promo '01 Version)05:29
Total playing time48:48

Versión reeditada del 2004 que tiene dos canciones mas
12. Dwelling Beneath The Woods (5:09)
13. Dimension Of The Blackest Dark (Forgotten Woods cover) (8:05)

The Funeral of Being


Genre: Black / Pagan / Folk / RAC
Country: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus


1. Shepot Run - Crying Orc

2. Sokyra Peruna - Lost Wisdom

3. Kolovrat - My Journey to the Stars

4. Kroda - Jesus´ Tod

5. Russia - War

6. Svarga - Dunkelheit

7. Molot - Stemmen Fra Tårnet

8. Wewelsburg - Dauði Baldrs

9. M8l8th - Black Spell of Destruction

10. Rusich - Tomhet

este es el nuevo disco Tributo A Burzum, en realidad no lo eh escuchado por falta de tiempo, pero ahi se los dejo, descarguenlo y disfrutenlo

EVOL (Portraits)

Genre: Atmospheric Medieval/Folk Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Medieval times, philosophy, H.P. Lovecraft.

KILL (Horned Holocaust)

Genre: Black /Death Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Satanism, Hatred, Death, Destruction

MALFEITOR (Unio Mystica Maxima)

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Italy

aca les dejo este que es el primer cd de esta banda italiana, que al parecer se ve que tendra una muy buena aceptacion dentro de la escena ya que es bastante brutal, no se ustedes tendran que descargarlo para hacer su propia critica, pero a lo que mi respecta es un muy buen disco.

DARK FUNERAL (Dark Funeral)

Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Theme (s): Satan, Anti-Christian, Death, Evil, Armageddon

bn, como pedian algo mas de los suecos DARK FUNERAL, pues decidi ponerles lo que es su primer EP lanzado en 1994, y que contiene varia canciones chidas a mi parecer tales como: "Shadows over Transylvania", "Open The Gates", bueno en si todas estan muy chidas. ahi se los dejo disfrutenlo

Xasthur - 2003 - Suicide In Dark Serenity

Origin : U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)

Genre : Black Metal

2.Suicide In Dark Serenity08:52
3.With Hate Freezing In My Veins05:32
4.Storms Of Red Revenge05:37
5.Middle Ages Return04:17
Total playing time27:12

Suicide In Dark Serenity

Be Persecuted - 2006 - Be Persecuted

Origin : China(Jiangxi)

Genre : Depressive Black metal

2.Suicide Forest05:22
3.Painful Assemble04:38
4.Be Resented For Livelihood05:33
5.Some How06:55
Total playing time28:30

Be Persecuted

Xasthur - Rehearsal 2002

Origin : U.S.A. (Alhambra, California)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Soul Abduction Ceremony03:40
2.Storms Of Red Revenge04:09
3.Dwell Beneath The Woods Of Evil05:10
4.Kingdom Of Burning Crucifixions04:50
5.A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors08:23
Total playing time26:12

Solo instrumental , sin voces

Rehearsal 2002

Xasthur - 2002 - Nocturnal Poisoning

Origin :U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)

Genre :Black Metal

1.In the Hate of Battle09:04
2.Soul Abduction Ceremony07:44
3.A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors08:05
4.Black Imperial Blood (Mütiilation cover)05:50
5.Legion of Sin and Necromancy11:40
6.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness06:27
7.Nocturnal Poisoning15:20
8.Forgotten Depths of Nowhere04:50
Total playing time01:09:00

Nocturnal Poisoning

Xasthur - 2001 - A Darkened Winter

Origin : U.S.A.(Alhambra, California)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Untitled 0106:39
2.Doomed By Howling Winds10:30
3.Untitled 0304:20
Total playing time21:29

Track 1 is "Tyrant Of Nightmares" on newer albums.
Track 3 is "Middle Ages Return" on newer albums.

A Darkened Winter

Daos - 2005 - Screams of Tortured Angels

Origin :Romania (Zalau)

Genre :Industrial Black Metal

1.Screams of Tortured Angels11:18
3.A Walk Through Pagan Battlefields12:45
Total playing time30:34

Screams of Tortured Angels

Shining - 2002 - III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie

Origin : Sweden (Halmstad)

Genre : Depressive Black Metal

1.Mörda Dig Själv...09:09
2.Svart Industriell Olycka08:07
3.Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie08:31
4.Submit To Self-Destruction07:14
5.Till Minne Av Daghen04:24
6.Fields Of Faceless10:21
Total playing time47:46

- III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie

Shining - 2001 - II - Livets Ändhållplats

Origin : Sweden (Halmstad)

Genre :Depressive Black Metal

1.Ett Liv Utan Mening07:34
2.Att Med Kniv Göra Sig Illa02:08
3.Ännu Ett Steg Närmare Total Utfrystning10:19
6.Livets Ändhållplats09:18
Total playing time44:09

- II - Livets Ändhållplats

Drudkh - 2007 - Estrangement

Origin : Ukraine(Kharkiv)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Solitary Endless Path (Ñàìiòíÿ Íåñêií÷åííà Òðîïà)10:54
2.Skies at Our Feet (Íåáî Ó Íàøèõ Íiã)10:42
3.Where Horizons End (Òàì, Äå Çàêií÷óþòüñÿ Îáði¿)10:52
4.Only the Wind Remembers My Name (Ò³ëüêè ³òåð Ïàì'ÿòຠÌîº ²ì'ÿ)03:58
Total playing time36:26


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