Xasthur - 2004 - Telepathic With The Deceased

Origin : U.S.A. (Alhambra, California)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Entrance into Nothingness03:50
2.Slaughtered Useless Beings in a Nihilistic Dream04:49
3.Abysmal Depths are Flooded06:51
4.May Your Void Become as Deep as My Hate!03:27
5.Telepathic with the Deceased09:43
6.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness07:42
7.Cursed Revelations05:39
8.Drown into Eternal Twilight03:00
9.Murdered Echoes of the Mind10:03
Total playing time57:37

Telepathic With The Deceased

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