Todtgelichter - Fluch/ Sog In Den Wahnsinn

Origin : Germany (Hamburg)

Genre : Black Metal

2.Fluß der Qual04:41
4.Ende einer Existenz05:35
5.Uralte Schatten07:35
6.Existenz aus Nichts06:55
7.Die tägliche Wandlung06:01
Total playing time41:09

Fluch/ Sog In Den Wahnsinn

Anal Blasphemy - 2005 - Ejaculation of Black Impurity

Origin : Finland (Tampere)

Genre : Black/Death Metal

1.Crucifix Anal Rape of the Priest02:24
2.Hail the Serpent of Eden02:44
3.Warrior of Satan03:03
4.Ejaculation of Black Impurity02:57
5.Masturbation of Jehovah's Altar02:47
6.Raped by a Goatdemon02:05
7.Allah Anal Impalement03:46
Total playing time18:26

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Paragon Belial - 2008 - Nosferathu Sathanis

Origin : Germany (Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Nosferathu Sathanis03:19
2.Calling of The Dead04:28
4.Horus / Aggressor (Hellhammer Cover)04:15
6.Solemnize Me04:06
9.Black Metal United & Strong02:40
Total playing time38:36

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Dodenrijk - 2008 - Magick Rituals VII: The Magick Seal

Origin : Netherlands (Friesland)

Genre : Black metal

1.Wolfsduister - Nachtritueel07:23
2.Pyr Exoteron - Inferno Divine03:17
3.Dodenrijk - Tsjerkhof02:33
Total playing time13:10

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Detonator666 - 2008 - Supremacy & Tyranny

Origin : Czech Republic (Zatec)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Triumph Of Diabolical Chaos05:42
3.Satanik Alkometal Hellkult03:49
4.Tearing Your Soul Apart05:40
5.I Feast Upon His Agony04:48
6.Too Fucked Up To Stay Alive04:07
7.Supremacy & Tyranny04:44
8.Hills Have 666 Eyes05:01
Total playing time37:23

otra banda de Vlad Blasphemer

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Mayhem - From the Darkest Past (2008)

This version contains a rough mix recording of "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" taped during May 16th 1992, before recording vocals, featuring the original bass by Count Grishnack of Burzum. Tracks 8-9 feature a recording with Dead in 1990 and tracks 10-13 are an instrumental rehearsal from 1986.

This is a Limited Edition CD and the only "From The Darkest Past"
Official release. From Demonomancy Records and the Mayhem Fanclub of
01. Freezing Moon 06:31
02. Pagan Fears 06:31
03. Buried by Time and Dust 03:49
04. Life Eternal 07:18
05. Funeral Fog 06:07
06. Cursed in Eternity 05:33
07. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 07:25
08. Freezing Moon 06:13
09. Carnage 03:42
10. Chainsaw Gutsfuck 02:54
11. Necrolust 03:16
12. Deathcrush 02:51
13. Into the Crypt of Rays 03:11

Necrofrost - 2008 - Blackeon Lightharvest

Origin : Germany (Erharting, Bavaria)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Your flesh is my convenience01:42
2.Sacral arrival of elitist light06:24
3.Steel forests of my deserted dreams04:56
4.Into the cage04:18
5.Blackeon lightharvest05:06
6.Ugly misanthropic metal04:16
7.Journey of the tyrants04:33
8.Supreme harvester of eternal void05:26
Total playing time36:41

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Apocalyptic Fire - 2008 - Abyss

Origin : Germany (Bavaria)

Genre : Black Metal

1.My Vision04:24
2.The Big Olds05:45
3.See The Reality03:59
4.The End04:58
5.The Seals Are Broken03:24
6.Black Horizon01:28
Total playing time24:12

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Taake - 2008 - Taake

Origin : Norway (Bergen)

Genre : Black Metal

3.Lukt Til Helvete05:05
6.September Omsider05:12
7.Velg Bort Livet10:27
Total playing time46:26


Darkthrone - 2008 - Dark Thrones and Black Flags

Origin : Norway (Kolbotn)

Genre : Death Metal (early) - Black Metal (now)(?)

1.The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker03:52
2.Oath Minus04:16
3.Hiking Metal Punks03:22
4.Blacksmith of the North03:13
5.Norway in September05:46
6.Grizzly Trade04:16
7.Hanging Out in Haiger03:22
8.Dark Thrones and Black Flags02:24
9.Launchpad to Nothingness04:31
10.Witch Ghetto03:56
Total playing time38:58

Dark Thrones and Black Flags

Moon (Aus) - 2008 - Moon

Origin : Australia (Brisbane, Queensland)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Moon I

2.Moon II

3.Moon III

Total playing time20:34


Burial Hordes - 2008 - Devotion to Unholy Creed

Origin : Greece (Perama/Athens, Attica)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Praise the Bloodcode of Hatred02:50
2.Devotion to Unholy Creed04:55
3.Infernal Necromancers03:13
5.Gods Cutthroat06:45
6.Abysmal Goatfeast04:39
7.Splendid Destruction04:33
8.Stench of Immortal Doom06:48
Total playing time36:27

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Svantevith - 1996 - The Return of the Ancient Slav

Origin : Poland (Cieszyn)

Genre : Dark Ambient / Black Metal

2.The Svantevith Laudeamus10:40
3.The Svantevith... (Reprise)02:22
5.Smutek i rozpacz (music by Azhubham Haani)04:10
Total playing time32:54

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Lifelover - 2008 - Konkurs

Origin : Sweden (Stockholm/Jönköping)

Genre : Black metal/Depressive Rock

2.Mental Central Dialog03:59
7.Narcotic Devotion04:21
8.Alltid - Aldrig04:32
9.Stängt p.g.a Semester05:54
11.Bitter Reflektion05:14
12.Mitt Annexia03:23
13.Spiken I Kistan05:20
14.En Tyst Minut01:00
Total playing time59:25


Voidskald - 2008 - Hermitry

Origin : Germany (Berlin)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Devaluing Life04:32
2.Memetic Cleansing06:37
3.Grant Me Agony05:54
4.Zarathustra's Descent05:45
5.Procreation Pandemic05:25
7.Victor of All Wars08:25
Total playing time42:56

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Suffer Despair - 2006 - Rotting Souls

Origin : U.S.A. (Anaheim, California)

Genre : Black Metal

2.As the Black Tear Fell From Death03:58
3.The Bitter Taste of Emptiness04:00
4.Cold Void of Solitude02:26
5.The Reaping End...03:01
Total playing time19:35

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Pagan Hammer - 2008 - Ode To My Fathers

Origin : U.S.A.(Sanford, North Carolina)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Ode To My Fathers09:38
2.The Eagle Ascending08:19
3.Die With Honor07:44
Total playing time25:41

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Taghut - 2008 - Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur'an

Origin : U.S.A. (New York City, New York)

Genre : Black metal

1.Reichquiem (intro)01:00
2.Piss on the Altar of God03:57
3.Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'an03:32
4.Exterminate Christianity03:39
6.Branded 66602:03
7.Jesus Christ and the Christian Church01:31
8.The Fist of Satan03:22
9.Burn the Nations of Islam02:23
10.Fascist Regime02:48
11.Better to Reign in Hell...02:24
12.The Arrogant Jews02:15
13.Blaspheme Muhammad's Name02:11
14.This World Belongs to Satan02:38
15.The Oldest Man01:36
16.Hail the Crucifixion02:40
17.To Serve and Protect03:06
18.March of Hate (outro)00:54
Total playing time46:24

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Infernal Beauty - 1997 - Drakensquar

Origin : Belgium (Neerpelt, Limburg)

Genre : Melodic Black Metal

1.Revürø Eud Vis Squarderik02:38
2.Alcatara (as the Forest Calls)08:44
3.Io Lindipnig07:05
5.Tis Empriø05:42
6.Sintiöm Eud Sanctimo05:31
7.Victrø Eud Vis Squarderik05:28
Total playing time38:07

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w00d5b17ch - 2004 - w00d5b17ch


La banda no tiene ni caratula ni logo, usa tu imaginacion

Origin : Canada (Ontario)

Genre : Black Metal

Actual songlist:

1. S1r3n 0v J4m3s B4y
2. K4nn1b4l1571c V0y493ur
3. B34rw4lk3r
4. Fr453rdal3 T0 4774w4p15k47
5. Fr057b1773n M0053v0m17
6. N3kr0 Tr33
7. K4mbr14n Kvl7n355
8. D3n 0v 7h3 N3kr0b34v3r
1.Siren of James Bay07:33
2.Kannibalistic Voyageur02:12
4.Fraserdale to Attwapiskat04:23
5.Frostbitten Moosevomit02:50
6.Nekro Tree03:56
7.Kambrian Kvltness02:11
8.Den of the Nekrobeaver04:15
Total playing time30:59

Para los que no entienden el nombre de la banda es Woodsbitch, la banda es muy buena sus canciones estan bien campuestas


Memoria Vetus - 1996 - The Legends - Last Night of Atlantis

Origin : Poland (Rumia)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Podroz do zamorskiej krainy04:25
2.Atlantyckie Imperium06:44
3.Ostatnia noc Atlantydy05:14
4.Czarny syn Gai06:58
5.Guardian of Mankind07:37
6.Sad ostateczny06:06
7.Noc w zimowym lesie04:48
Total playing time41:52

The Legends - Last Night of Atlantis

Abdijah - 2003 - Satanic Rebellion Crushed

Origin : 'Black' Metal

Genre : Poland (Pruszcz Gdañski)

1.The Mighty One03:20
2."The Lord Is Enthroned As King Forever03:31
3.Great Is The True Living God The Eternal King01:46
4.Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh01:45
5.Esz Ochela02:27
6.The Consuming Fire03:35
Total playing time13:06

Satanic Rebellion Crushed

Nidhoggr - 1994 - Ravens over the Road of Kings

Origin : Finland (Pirkkala)

Genre : Black Metal

1.From the Forest came the Wanderer06:27
2.Thou shalt burn at our Stakes03:53
3.Jätä Minut Korpeille...02:16
Total playing time12:49

Unico trabajo de la esta banda, su unico integrante cometio suicidio

Ravens over the Road of Kings

Wind Winter - 2004 - W Obliczu Klatw

Origin : Poland (Radom)

Genre : Symphonic Black Metal

1.W Obliczu Klatw04:36
2.Czern Mg³y04:38
3.Szepty Lasu05:47
Total playing time20:12

W Obliczu Klatw

Haatstrijd - 2006 - Cacodaemony

Origin : Netherlands(Apeldoorn, Gelderland)

Genre : Black Metal

1.The Ruby Streams Of Demise03:32
2.Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam (Part One)04:14
3.A Curse To Conclude03:49
4.Receiving The Venomous Gift04:59
5.Towards The Dusk Of Man03:53
6.To The Inner Null05:14
7.Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam (Part Two)05:29
Total playing time31:10


Sigh - 2008 - A Tribute to Venom

Origin : Japan (Tokyo)

Genre : Black Metal (early), Post-Black/Avant-Garde Metal (now)

1.Black Metal03:30
2.Die Hard03:02
3.Countess Bathory03:37
5.Mayhem With Mercy01:27
6.Teacher's Pet04:09
7.Witching Hour
Total playing time19:02

A Tribute to Venom

Osirion - 2008 - Reconquista

Origin : France (Meythet, Rhône-Alpes)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Abjuration (Sample Grégorien)00:42
2.Sixième Pilier04:12
3.Fable christique06:38
7.Ode à Hecate04:46
9.... And Lucifer Fell04:08
10.Baptism Of Fire (Sodom Cover)03:44
11.Timmur Lang, Lord of Asia (Bonustrack)05:34
Total playing time51:28


Moon (Aus) - 2008 - Apparitions

Origin : Australia (Brisbane, Queensland)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Apparition I06:05
2.Apparition II06:42
3.Apparition III11:07
Total playing time23:54

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Moon (Aus) - 2008 - Blood

Origin : Australia(Brisbane, Queensland)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Blood I02:16
2.Blood II03:04
3.Blood III03:08
4.Blood IV01:36
Total playing time10:04

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Corpus Christii - 2008 - Carving a Pyramid of Thoughts

Origin : Portugal (Lisboa)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Me, the Hanged One03:43
3.Craving Nemesis04:10
4.Below the Waters05:14
Total playing time22:20

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Annthennath - 2008 - Paeans of Apostasy

Origin : France (Rochefort, Poitou-Charentes)

Genre : Black Metal

1.Paean of Apostasy05:27
2.Terminate It06:42
3.The Only Escape06:07
4.Anti-Human Terror07:00
5.Subliminal Terrorism15:04
Total playing time33:29

Paeans of Apostasy (rapidshare)
Paeans of Apostasy (uploaded)
Paeans of Apostasy (filefactory)
Paeans of Apostasy (depositfiles)
Paeans of Apostasy (easy-share)
Paeans of Apostasy (megaupload)

The Howling Wind - 2007 - Pestilence & Peril

Origin : U.S.A. (Brooklyn, New York/Portland, Oregon)

Genre : Black Metal

2.Sin Continuum07:57
3.Virulence 3305:30
5.Stealth Eugencis06:04
6.Forced Into The Pits Of Technology10:06
8.The Inevitable Conclusion05:18
Total playing time46:41

Pestilence & Peril

The Konsortium - 2008 - Preproduction ´08

Origin : Norway (Stavanger)

Genre : Thrash/Black Metal

1.Under the Black Flag04:35
2.Gasmask Prince03:39
4.Onwards Onwards02:28
Total playing time16:24

Preproduction ´08

Eastern Front - 2008 - Promo

Origin : U.K. (Ipswich/London)

Genre : Black metal

1.Blood on Snow08:32
Total playing time08:32


Cannibal Camel - 2008 - Infernal Holocaust (Demo)

Origin : Finland

Genre : Black/ Instrumental (?)

Primer demo de esta banda , canciones rapidas y cortas, enfin es un buen disco

Infernal Holocaust (Demo)

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