Taghut - 2008 - Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur'an

Origin : U.S.A. (New York City, New York)

Genre : Black metal

1.Reichquiem (intro)01:00
2.Piss on the Altar of God03:57
3.Ejaculate Upon the Holy Qur'an03:32
4.Exterminate Christianity03:39
6.Branded 66602:03
7.Jesus Christ and the Christian Church01:31
8.The Fist of Satan03:22
9.Burn the Nations of Islam02:23
10.Fascist Regime02:48
11.Better to Reign in Hell...02:24
12.The Arrogant Jews02:15
13.Blaspheme Muhammad's Name02:11
14.This World Belongs to Satan02:38
15.The Oldest Man01:36
16.Hail the Crucifixion02:40
17.To Serve and Protect03:06
18.March of Hate (outro)00:54
Total playing time46:24

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