Geasa - Angel's Cry

Genero: Celtic Black Metal
Pais: Irlanda
1.Tuatha de Dann
2.Duan do mo Bheann Sidhe
3.The Last One on Earth
5.Frozen Queen
6.Rite of Passage
7.Where Shadows are Borne
9.Spansill Hill


Asmegin - Arv (2008)

Genero: Viking/Folk metal
Pais: Noruega
1. Fandens Mælkebøtte 04:10
2. Hiertebrand 04:08
3. Generalen Og Troldharen 05:27
4. Arv 05:40
5. Yndifall 06:38
6. Gengangeren 04:32
7. Prunkende, Stolt I Jokumsol 02:41
8. En Myrmylne 09:00

Ezgaroth - 2004 - D.C.L.X.V.I: The Order

Origin : Greece (Athens, Attica)

Genre : Industrial, Black Metal

1.Will to Power03:35
2.In Nomine Magni Dei Nostri Sathanas08:06
3.The Order04:59
4.Serpent Idol05:09
5.The Obscene Kiss06:06
6.Ad Victoria (Bonus Spell)06:28
7.The Sovereign (Bonus Spell)06:47
Total playing time41:10

D.C.L.X.V.I: The Order

Aura Noir - 2008 - Hades Rise

Origin : Norway (Oslo)

Genre : Black/Thrash Metal

1.Hades Rise03:25
2.Gaping Grave Awaits04:00
3.Unleash The Demon03:47
4.Pestilent Streams03:26
5.Schitzoid Paranoid02:45
7.Shadows Of Death05:47
8.Iron Night / Torment Storm05:09
9.South American Death03:13
10.The Stalker03:07
Total playing time38:21

Hades Rise

Satyricon - 2008 - The Age of Nero (The limited edition)

Origin : Norway (Oslo)

Genre : Black Metal

Disc 1

2.The Wolfpack04:05
3.Black Crow on a Tombstone03:54
4.Die by My Hand07:07
5.My Skin Is Cold05:06
6.The Sign of the Trident06:58
7.Last Man Standing03:40
8.Den Siste07:24
Total playing time42:55

Disc 2

01. My Skin is Cold (EP Version) (5:07)
02. Live Through Me (Live) (5:12)
03. Existential Fear-Questions (Live) (6:01)
04. Repined Bastard Nation (Live) (5:48)
05. Mother North (Live) (9:05)
06. The Pentagram Burns (Radio Edit) (4:02)
07. Last Man Standing (Guitar Wall mix) (3:37)
08. Den Siste (Analog mix) (7:23)

The Age of Nero (The limited edition)

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