Frostmoon Eclipse/Ritual Day - 2004 - Split

Ritual Day
Origin : China (Bei Jing)
Genre : Melodic Black Metal

Frostmoon Eclipse
Origin : Italy (La Spezia)
Genre : Black Metal

Frostmoon Eclipse

1.Black Hole Nemesis04:55
2.When Time Consumes The Flesh03:12
3.A Death To Share03:59
4.Lurking In The Forgotten Kingdom Of Buried Sorcery04:12
Ritual Day
5.Moon Daughter04:33
6.Extinguish Sunshine03:30
7.Green Light Falling On The Hopeless Mountain Peak05:52
8.Black Velvet (Instrumental)03:02
Total playing time33:15

Frostmoon Eclipse/Ritual Day

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