Moonblood - 1996 - Rehearsal 7

Origin : Germany (Schneeberg, Sachsen)

Genre : Epic Black Metal

1.Under the Cold Snow07:58
2.The Black War06:43
3.Only a Dream05:53
4.In the Forest of a Red Water09:08
5.Glorious Days Are Not Forgotten07:25
6.The Awakening of the Serpent10:34
7.Damned Christians07:36
8.Geschmiedet im Feuer des eisernen Willens08:45
9.The Immortality of My Dreams & Visions06:12
10.Fullmoon Witchery05:06
11.A Fortress of Your Dreams07:36
Total playing time01:22:56

Rehearsal 7 Pt1
Rehearsal 7 Pt2

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