Perverse Monastyr - 2007 - Perverse Monastyr / Religious Remorses

Origin : Bulgaria(Sandanski)

Genre : Black Metal

1.The Christianity Killed Bulgaria08:31
2....The Nuns Who Threw Their Own Children In The River...05:32
3.I Kill The Fallacious Prophet06:22
4.The Cross Is A Curse03:09
5.The Cutted Monk06:33
6.The Cursed Flocks04:52
7.The Dark Cell (The Fifth Gospel)04:26
8.Jerusalem Is The Hell (The Jewish King)09:31
9.Total Destruction For Them And Their Temples08:57
10.Call For War04:15
11.Let's Kill Them Forever08:05
12.The Flocks Will Burn (On The Altar)06:29
Total playing time01:16:42

Perverse Monastyr / Religious Remorses -Best of/Compilation

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