Ruins (Ger) - 2008 - Satanic Bitchpenetration

Origin : Germany (Büdingen, Hesse)

Genre : Black/Thrash Metal

1.The Rituals05:02
2.Invoke The Devil's Holocaust03:44
4.Satanic Bitchpenetration03:32
5.Inhale The Cries Of The Impaled Children03:55
6.Baptized In The Name Of Satan03:29
7.Virgin Violation02:02
8.Full Moon Sacrifice04:07
9.Blasphemy and Witchery02:45
10.Into The Vomiterian Dungeons Of Bloodfuck02:29
11.War In Heaven (Pt. 3)06:32
Total playing time40:51

Exelente banda, sonido muy vieja escuela, pero no tienes porque creer lo que digo, escuchalo
PD: es One-man band.

Satanic Bitchpenetration

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