Anorexia Nervosa - Exile - y - Sodomizing The Archedangel

Genre : Symphonic Black Metal

Origin : France (Nantes/Limoges)

1.Divine White Light of a Cuming Decadence05:03
2.Blood and Latex Terrortech War03:58
3.Excreted Communion Under Khaos Zero03:54
4.A Caress of Flesh and Vomited Romance04:16
Total playing time17:11

Sodomizing The Archedangel

1.To Exclude From The Cycle Of Generations / Cycle I - Delusive Complexion05:30
2.Spiritu Fornicationis / Action 1 - Distressing Amnios06:37
3.Say The World That Fall In The Sky / Action 2 - Gnostic Wails03:35
4.The Unveiled Mirror / Action 3 - Other Wails02:50
5.Divert The Necessities Of The Body / Cycle II - Burning Tongue01:11
6.Against The Sail / Action 1 - Vertebrae Embryo01:20
7.Faith / Action 2 - Discordant Effects Of Suicides03:00
8.Acclaim New Master / Action 3 - Slave07:38
9.First Tasting Of Faecal Matter / Cycle III - Man-Machine02:21
10.Some Miracles Of Entrails / Action 1 - Not Showed04:33
11.Spirit Of The Valley / Action 2 - Enclose04:45
12.Flesh Goes Out Without Grace06:40
13.Running Of Mental Fluids00:51
Total playing time50:51


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Joel dijo...

La mejor banda de Black metal que conozco, excelente aportacion... aunque tengo toda la discografia :)

sabes algo acerca de un proyecto alterno que tenia el vocalista?

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