INFERNAL WAR (Redesekration)

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Lyrical Theme (S): Death, Hatred, Satanism, Anti-christianity, WWII

1.Prelude To Infernal Purification (Intro) 00:11
2.Spill The Dirty Blood Of Jesus 03:56
3.Shatterer Of Liberty 03:38
4.Redesekration 03:00
5.Radical (Kill The Peace!) 03:51
6.Regime Of Terror 04:08
7.Heretic Victory Ascending 04:11
8.Extirpate 03:40
9. Death's Evangelist 04:14
10.Branded With Sacred Flames Of Gehinnom 05:07
11.The End Of Time 01:19


estupendo disco muy pero muy brutal y rapido.

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