Gloomy Grim - Under the Spell of the Unlight(2008)

Genero: Black Metal
Pais: Finlandia

lo mas nuevo de esta poderosa banda
que se habia tardado es sacar disco
bueno en fin

1.April - Within the Woods
2.May - Why Are They Screaming at Night?
3.June - Åkerspöke
4.July - Cold Fingers
5.August - So I Slept & Slept
6.September - Invoking the Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)
7.October - Cellar Dweller
8.November - And the Bird Came In
9.December - The Bells Toll My Name
10.January - Dying Breed
11.February - Astral Planes I Have Travelled Through
12.March - The Call

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Angelripper dijo...

a ver que tal
hace rato que no sabia nada de esa bandilla u_u

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